Your Global Impact Is About To Take Off

 Are you aware your ideas and businesses can be globally recognized? This is possible taking into consideration the surge in connected digital technologies and ICT applications. Businesses can be ushered into the path of prosperity by taking advantage of this development. 

The PerfTouch platform helps you build great things fast. When you need a website, an online store, or a marketing plan, PerfTouch gets things done. Digital strategies that improve your competitive position is our core mandate. PerfTouch helps to enhance your value through digitization. PerfTouch’s goal is to develop the global impact of start-ups and existing businesses through digital and innovative solutions.


The uniqueness of our Services

The collaborative nature of work help builds clients’ context tailored solutions. We are an enthusiastic team burnt on delivering value to businesses through exceptional clients’ services using modern technologies. Revolutionary digital results always replace clients’ challenges shared with the team. We aim to build a long-term partnership with you in furthering the development and sustainability of businesses 

Profile of Benjamin

Picture of Benjamin

An astute professional accountant (ACCA) and digital-technology specialist with vital experience in entrepreneurship, business management, financial reporting and accounting with experience with startups and existing businesses in a variety of industries. He is a team player and well vexed with problems solving strategies.  

Benjamin strongly believes in the global expansion of businesses and that your business can be a beneficiary. Just as the movement of the body in a rhythmic way makes a dance, the strategic positioning of your business can make the global impact you desire.

Profile of DOUGLAS

Douglas is a long-time serial entrepreneur with a full portfolio reflecting intercontinental success. Through his organization, The Long Way, Douglas provides advice and insight on SME strategy, productization, alternative business forms, customer discovery, web application development, and digital marketing services.

Douglas lives in an over 100-year-old schoolhouse near the archipelago between Finland and Sweden. There he practices regenerative farming and rewilding with his wife and dog.